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japanese weddings

Posted on Jan. 31, 2011 by geoffropuff. 1 Comment

sorry for not posting recently!  i was busy and sick over the break and i’m finally well and back at work with some free time.  i’ll try my best to catch up on stuff.  here’s a post that i should’ve done in october.

i talked about japanese weddings in a post back in 2009 but, at that time, i didn’t actually attend the wedding, only the nijikai (2nd party).  this time, mickie and i were invited to both the ceremony and the first reception.  i don’t actually have real relatives in japan but takashi, his family, and his new bride, sae, are the closest thing i have to family here so i was honored when they invited us to the joyous occasion.

me and mickie at the wedding

my beard got its own invitation.

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legging pants aka jeggings

Posted on Dec. 22, 2010 by geoffropuff. 1 Comment

apparently right now, jeggings are a thing.  they’re so much a thing that conan wore them on his show a couple weeks ago.

conan jeggings

"pulling. them. off."

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kansai trip day 2 part 2

Posted on Dec. 14, 2010 by geoffropuff. No Comments

and finally the much awaited conclusion to our two-day trip to kansai.  a bit anti-climactic if you ask me.  after visiting nara, we went to osaka to eat and do a little shopping before our second go at TFN.  after a long couple days, we were getting tired, and when i get tired i get grumpy.  the one thing that i decided to focus all my grump and rage at was the fact that i smelled like deer from the savage attack i received in nara.  i wanted to buy some new shorts and was extremely pissed off that mickie wanted to buy a dress for the wedding we would attend week or two later (that i made her go to, meaning the dress was my fault also).  long story short, we eventually found a sports store and i bought some basketball shorts.  (thanks for being a trooper, mickie.  i’ll try not to be an a-hole next time, but i know i probably will be.)

osaka sporting goods store

that girl in the teal jacket on the right, she was super helpful and nice and helped cure my sour mood.

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kansai trip day 2 part 1

Posted on Dec. 10, 2010 by geoffropuff. 2 Comments

after a good night of rest, mickie and i headed out to nara by shinkansen (bullet train).  i’m a fan of the shinkansen because it’s fast, smooth, and has a nice view but my favorite part of this shinkansen trip was my throwback breakfast.  for all of your north high school alums, i present to you my japanese shinkansen bagel and a hashbrown.

bagel and hashbrown

i know, i know, no ketchup. they didn't have any.

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kansai trip day 1 part 2

Posted on Dec. 2, 2010 by geoffropuff. 1 Comment

after spending the morning and early afternoon in hiroshima, mickie and i headed out to miyajima island.  the only method of transportation to and from the island is a JR ferry that runs a couple times an hour, meaning that you have to be prompt else face a long wait.  from the ferry, mickie wanted to test out her fairly new camera lens, and i wanted to test out my new camera.  i ended up getting some decent long distance photos of the island.

miyajima torii long distance shot

in a couple hours, all those people standing there would be waist deep in water.

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kansai trip day 1 part 1

Posted on Nov. 26, 2010 by geoffropuff. No Comments

mickie and i decided to celebrate her move to japan by making a trip to kansai (hiroshima, miyajima island, nara, and osaka).  to save on travel, we decided to try and take what shall be hereafter referred to as TFN (the fucking nightbus).  the 12-hour ride wasn’t the worst thing i’ve ever experienced, but the combination of a cramped neck and lack of sleep made for a less-then-stellar experience.  and that bus driver…  the bastard stopped every two hours for twenty minutes each and left those overhead lights on for every one of those minutes.  let’s do the math: 12 hour ride, stop every 2 hours for 20 minutes, meaning about 2 hours of lights-on time.  horrible.

TFN (the fucking nightbus)

TFN was so unassuming with a cute dog on the side.

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taiikusai 2010

Posted on Nov. 19, 2010 by geoffropuff. No Comments

a lot of you were amused by my photos and videos from last year’s taiku-sai (taiikusai).  this year, we got more of the same games, except there was no “big-inflatable-ball” game.  BUT, i was able to get a more up close and personal view of everyone’s favorite game: “capture-the-flag-from-a-15ft-pole.”

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new camera

Posted on Nov. 16, 2010 by geoffropuff. No Comments

recently, i got a new camera.  no offense to mickie, who gave me her old camera, but it sucked.  so many of my pictures turned out blurry unless i was in a perfect lighting situation and whatnot.  so i upgraded to the nikon coolpix s8100.  =)

nikon coolpix s8100

my new baby

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bunka-sai one piece and don quixote one piece

Posted on Nov. 9, 2010 by geoffropuff. 3 Comments

bunka-sai comes around once every year and they’re generally the same: food booths, performances, haunted houses, etc.  one of the things that classes like to do is cosplay (costume play) with character hunts.  this year, the popular hunt was for one piece characters.  besides cosplaying luffy, ace, and more, the students built a replica of the front of the going merry.  that probably doesn’t mean a lot to most of you but i was impressed.

one piece going merry

the going merry, complete with sheep head and orange trees.

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more strangeness in the motherland

Posted on Nov. 5, 2010 by geoffropuff. No Comments

every so often, i write these posts about strange things i find in japan.  this is one such post.  in september, mickie and i went to tokyo to meet with some family friends for lunch.  susumu, miyoko, takashi, and sae took us out to lunch at a restaurant a fair way from tokyo station.  on this walk, i came across a few things that i thought were strange or interesting.  the first thing was the “HUMAN OH YA!” crane.

human oh ya crane

maybe the first step toward "the singularity" is construction equipment giving us encouraging words.

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