hiatus over, more old stuff

Posted on May. 30, 2011 by geoffropuff

my hiatus is over, hopefully.  in april, i started teaching a lot of writing classes, which means a LOT of correcting papers.  i just honestly didn’t have a lot of time to blog while at work.  now that mickie has moved home, and i’ve found my groove in paper correction, i hope to get some blogging in.  like before, though, i’m going to try and catch up with stuff that i did a while ago.  in this case, thanksgiving.

thanksgiving dinner 2010

that's what i call thanksgiving.

every year, mickie and i go to lunch with her family on thanksgiving, then go to my auntie’s house for dinner.  the dish that i look forward to in particular is my auntie’s cheese broccoli (broccoli, cheese, crumbled ritz crackers, and butter, lots of butter).  mickie knew that i missed it dearly so she decided to surprise me with a nice thanksgiving dinner, auntie lynn style.

thanksgiving dinner 2010 geoff

i def got gravy stuck in the beard.

thanks for a wonderful chicken (because turkey is impossible to find in japan) thanksgiving dinner.

thanksgiving dinner 2010 mickie

compliments to the chef-ette.

and thus concludes my short first post back.  i’ll try to stick to a more regular blogging schedule and document the last 6 months of my stay in japan.




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  1. No more new updates? 🙁 I was finding your website rather insightful, helpful and hilarious – not at all like other sites that only promote the happy expensive tourist places. Don’t give up!



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