tokyo disney sea halloween celebration

Posted on Feb. 24, 2011 by geoffropuff

i already talked about disney sea but this time was the halloween celebration.  i’ll spare you the long description of our day and just cover the halloween stuff and other interesting stuff.  first of all, something i didn’t cover last time is the train.  disney has it’s own train/tram that runs between the resort, the 2 parks (disneyland and disney sea), and the JR station, and this train is disney’d out.

mickie and the disney train

the windows,

mickie and disney train handles

the standing passenger handles,

disney train cosplayer

and even the people look like mickey mouse barfed all over them.

we rode indiana jones and the crystal skull, which is almost exactly the same as the anaheim disneyland ride except just more immersive in atmosphere.  i’d recommend riding it because it’s better in almost every respect but don’t expect anything new.

disney indiana jones photo

i drove.

alongside the usual disney atmosphere, halloween pervaded the air.  decorations, parades, characters, special foods, limited popcorn buckets, everything.

disney sea halloween centerpiece

that jack-o-lantern looks like he his intentions toward that girl aren't pure.



disney sea halloween parade

chip n' dale star in the mexican day of the dead parade.

mickie and disney sea halloween pudding

kinako flavored pudding in a limited edition mickey jack-o-lantern cup. mickie now drinks tea from that cup and looks completely ridiculous.

mickey and the halloween popcorn buckets

yes, we spent like $50 on popcorn and buckets. at least they'll be good trick-or-treat buckets in the future. mickie's hair is so sloppy.

me and mickie skeleton guitars

yeah, this is part of the "everything" that i mentioned.

it was a great time.  and i hand-fed a duck.  =)

me feeding disney sea duck

he wanted some of my niku-man so i obliged.

the only downside to the day was that my uglydoll died.  he had no chance/  :'(

disney train uglydoll

so much expression in those eye.

eventually, i’ll get to our tokyo disneyland trip for the christmas celebration.  until then, this will have to suffice.  WOOHOO DISNEY!


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