Posted on Feb. 9, 2011 by geoffropuff

no, not the snow day that schools in the midwest have that shut down operations, but just a snowy day.  it’s pretty effing cold and the snow is falling as hard as i’ve ever seen in person.

snow day trees

it's not blurry, there's just that much snow.

snow day baseball field

the baseball field looks like the tundra.

snow day soccer field

same goes for the soccer field.

being a boy from socal, i’m not used to this kind of weather.  it makes me sad that it’s so cold, but it’s also kinda cool to be living in a place where it snows.  the other good thing is that while it snows, it never snows in kashiwa like it does in hokkaido (centimeters of snow, not meters).

this wass another current blog post.  i’ll get back to catching up on older events soon.

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