gangsta vending machine

Posted on Feb. 7, 2011 by geoffropuff

vending machines are all over the place in japan.  they’re on every street, on every train platform, near almost every building, they’re everywhere.  there’s tons of different kinds of them, selling everything from drinks and food to clothes and toys.  as many of them as i’ve seen up til now, yesterday was the first time i’ve seen an lcd touchscreen on a machine.

japanese lcd vending machine

an lcd screen on a jidohanbaiki (vending machine).

i would have to guess that it takes a year of selling drinks from this thing to make it worth the cost of having one.  of course, it was located at tokyo station where even the guide maps are lcd walls.  apparently, these types of lcd vending machines and information maps are the newest thing in tokyo, and maybe branching out soon.  let’s hope so, cuz looking at my computer screen for 18 hours a day isn’t enough.  i need lcd EVERYTHING!

kinda reminds me of the coca-cola freestyle soda fountain.

(dude in this video totally creamed his pants getting a fanta.)

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