legging pants aka jeggings

Posted on Dec. 22, 2010 by geoffropuff

apparently right now, jeggings are a thing.  they’re so much a thing that conan wore them on his show a couple weeks ago.

conan jeggings

"pulling. them. off."

you can also see the whole clip here.  and that clip got me thinking about something i had seen here in japan a while back.  uniqlo, one of the biggest clothes retailers in japan, is currently selling what they’re calling “leggings pants.”

uniqlo legging pants 1

yes, leggings pants.

for men.

uniqlo legging pants 2

unless those are just some REALLY manly woman arms.

from the picture, those don’t look like leggings pants because they’re kinda baggy.  but really, japanese men have legs that would make american women blush.

japanese skinny jeans

couldn't find a good pic of skinny japanese boy legs. google images found lots of cute girls but failed me nonetheless. still tho, his legs are super skinny.

i once tried to wear skinny jeans at uniqlo and they wouldn’t pull up past my calves.  yes, i got them thunda thighs.

my thunder thighs

my thunder thighs...that people drew on when i was drunk and passed out. (circa 2005, so they were less thundery than they are now.)

the point of this short post?  there is no point.  i’m just kinda sad that regular fit jeans look like tights on me.

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  1. Bahahaha! LOVED that episode of Conan… even though the Kardashians were on it. Leggings Pants. Are they missing a slash?! You don’t wear jeans anyway. You’ve always been into panty hose.



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