kansai trip day 2 part 2

Posted on Dec. 14, 2010 by geoffropuff

and finally the much awaited conclusion to our two-day trip to kansai.  a bit anti-climactic if you ask me.  after visiting nara, we went to osaka to eat and do a little shopping before our second go at TFN.  after a long couple days, we were getting tired, and when i get tired i get grumpy.  the one thing that i decided to focus all my grump and rage at was the fact that i smelled like deer from the savage attack i received in nara.  i wanted to buy some new shorts and was extremely pissed off that mickie wanted to buy a dress for the wedding we would attend week or two later (that i made her go to, meaning the dress was my fault also).  long story short, we eventually found a sports store and i bought some basketball shorts.  (thanks for being a trooper, mickie.  i’ll try not to be an a-hole next time, but i know i probably will be.)

osaka sporting goods store

that girl in the teal jacket on the right, she was super helpful and nice and helped cure my sour mood.

this story seems insignificant except for the fact that it led to an interesting incident at dinner, which we’ll hear about in a bit.  while walking around and trying to find someplace to eat, we saw a couple of random things.

osaka bird and bear on building

don't know why they were there but the bird and bear must've been a mascot for something.

osaka purikura creepy eyes

as if purikura machines weren't creepy enough by making your eyes big, now they steal your soul too.

eventually we made it to dinner and we chose a restaurant that just happened to be right off the main road.  it didn’t look like it was anything super special but i guess we were wrong.

osaka restaurant

we were so tired we just chose the first restaurant we saw after buying my shorts. bad choice i guess.

at first they didn’t want to seat us without a reservation but eventually graciously let us sit outside.  as we passed through the restaurant to get to the patio, i realized that every person in the place was dressed kinda stylish or in a suit.  mickie was wearing jeans and a shirt and i was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt, and we were both carrying our luggage for the bus ride home.

osaka restaurant mickie


osaka restaurant me


outside at our table, a tree was planted in the center as a sort of centerpiece, but i sincerely believe that it was some sort of camouflage to hide those filthy rodents not wearing suits.

osaka restaurant tree

you can't see me! (it's cuz i'm not in the photo)

very fitting to the nature of a “hip” restaurant, my food was of smallish size, moderate taste, and featured a high price.  i was too hungry and too tired to take any pics of the food so i’ll just give you a pic of my beer, also small but expensive.

osaka restaurant beer

i want a stein of beer, a mug of beer, or even a pint of beer. i don't want a champagne glass of beer.

after dinner, we decided to kill time until TFN arrived for our trip home and thought karaoke was a good idea.  it was!  i sang a john legend song (used to love you) and got the top score of any person who had ever sang that song at that place!  i was so proud!

osaka karaoke score

being japan, not many people actually know john legend songs. in fact, i got the top score because i was the only person to ever sing the song in that establishment.

and that’s the end of our kansai trip.  see you again soon!

osaka karaoke mickie and me

ya'll come back soon now, ya hear!

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