taiikusai 2010

Posted on Nov. 19, 2010 by geoffropuff

a lot of you were amused by my photos and videos from last year’s taiku-sai (taiikusai).  this year, we got more of the same games, except there was no “big-inflatable-ball” game.  BUT, i was able to get a more up close and personal view of everyone’s favorite game: “capture-the-flag-from-a-15ft-pole.”

aside from that video, this was the first event that i was able to use my new camera at.  of course, i forgot to charge my camera the night before so i only got the first few events before switching to my iphone.  anyways, here’s some of the better pictures i got.

taiikusai obstacle course

this is after climbing the padded wall in the obstacle course.

taiikusai face powder course

first, people spray their faces with water. then, they mash their faces into kinako, aonori, or flour.

taiikusai powder course aonori


taiikusai powder course flour

flour on the vball coach.

taiikusai 3-1 girls

my 3rd year international class girls waiting for their next event.

taiikusai people hunt race

you MUST hold hands with the person as you cross the finish line. (even if that person is the principal of the school)

taiikusai cone

just resting with her buddy, the construction cone.

taiikusai tug-of-war

look how hard asuka is trying.

taiikusai shota relay

shota is all business for the relay.

taiikusai caterpillar

and for good measure, another caterpillar to show off my camera's capabilities.

this was the last taiikusai of my time at ichikashi.  it was great fun and i’m really going to miss it but all good things must come to an end.  farewell sports festival.

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