new camera

Posted on Nov. 16, 2010 by geoffropuff

recently, i got a new camera.  no offense to mickie, who gave me her old camera, but it sucked.  so many of my pictures turned out blurry unless i was in a perfect lighting situation and whatnot.  so i upgraded to the nikon coolpix s8100.  =)

nikon coolpix s8100

my new baby

there’s a couple of quirks that i’ve come to notice about my camera since i got it.  first, the time from when i push the power button to the time i can take a picture, is almost immediate.  the lens is ready that quickly.  however, the other thing that i’ve come to notice is that while i can take almost immediate pictures, it takes a while for the software to load up so i can’t change any settings or zoom for a few seconds.  this means i can take super fast pictures but ONLY if i want my most recently used settings.  kind of annoying when i don’t actually want to take a pic on the quickness.

snail's pace

oh google images, you always know what i want.

of course i wanted to test out my new toy so i took some pictures of nothing in particular.

cat under torii

there's a tiny shrine near my apartment and aparently this cat doesn't give a f-

kita kashiwa brown bunny

this is just one of two bunnies (also a black one) that runs around near my apartment. i'm always afraid that they got eaten by cats but every few weeks i see them nibbling on the grass.

random caterpillar

from my choice in photo subjects, you can safely conjecture that i'm an animal lover.

anyways, this post didn’t have much purpose other than to show off my new camera and to let you know that (hopefully) better blog pictures are on the way.

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