bunka-sai one piece and don quixote one piece

Posted on Nov. 9, 2010 by geoffropuff

bunka-sai comes around once every year and they’re generally the same: food booths, performances, haunted houses, etc.  one of the things that classes like to do is cosplay (costume play) with character hunts.  this year, the popular hunt was for one piece characters.  besides cosplaying luffy, ace, and more, the students built a replica of the front of the going merry.  that probably doesn’t mean a lot to most of you but i was impressed.

one piece going merry

the going merry, complete with sheep head and orange trees.

bunka-sai going merry

i hope the students didn't realize what a huge one piece nerd i am.

to signify which characters people had to find, the students made wanted posters similar to the show.

bunka-sai luffy

monkey d. luffy

bunka-sai ace

portgas d. ace

bunka-sai zoro

roronoa zoro

bunka-sai sanji


bunka-sai nami


upon scouring the school (not really, i spent my whole day eating), i was only able to get a picture of luffy.

bunka-sai luffy found

to win, you had to have all of these guys sign your game sheet.

as a complete contrast to my students’ rendition of one piece is the couple of one piece mousepads i found at don quixote.  for those of you that don’t remember, don quixote is the place that i call “your one stop shop for everything you never wanted.”

nami boob mousepad

nami wrist-breast mousepad

boa hancock boob mousepad

boa hancock wrist(b)rest mousepad (thanks for the mistake catch, lil sib. this is not nico robin.)

nico robin boob mousepad

now THIS is the nico robin one.

and finally, not part of one piece but also found at don quixote were some more awesome t-shirts in the vein of my “i <3 oppai” shirt that got me featured on a random blog.

don quixote t-shirt exit

it's made in the style of an exit sign, so i'm assuming there's a joke about exits being entrances. can't really read the kanji.

don quixote t-shirt no sex no life

i guess that shirt is telling it like it is but i'm more entertained by the fact that sotbank's otousan seems to be endorsing this idea.

keep it classy, japan!

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  1. The fourth pic.. I’m pretty sure that’s Boa Hancock, one of the Shichibukai?

    Yeah. I’m a One Piece nerd, too.



  2. thanks for the catch. and as a bonus, i posted the actual nico robin one. =)



  3. Cool wanted list you have here, they looks strong. ^_^



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