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Posted on Oct. 19, 2010 by geoffropuff

this isn’t going to be a long post but just a short, heartfelt one.  there’s some stuff that i miss in torrance that i don’t think about on a regular basis but i DO miss.  these are those things that you don’t really even think about until you see/have them and then realize how much you miss them.  here are a couple of mine:

mom’s homemade peach cobbler –

mom's homemade peach cobbler

it's the best because it uses auntie sandy's peaches, another thing that i miss dearly. japan has ONLY white peaches.

strawberry lilikoi shaved ice with kreme and ice cream from teri hawaii –

strawberry lilikoi shaved ice with kreme and ice cream

when mickie and i have our own home, i'm buying an industrial shaved ice machine. no arguments, i'm just doing it.

yes, of course i miss my friends, family, and other things but you just can’t get mom’s peach cobbler or hawaiian shaved ice in japan.  i can’t wait to move home.

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  1. I can’t wait to move home, too! I miss my dog and my car. I hate having to wait for people to take me to the grocery store =/


    Your favorite sister

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