mickie’s new bike

Posted on Oct. 26, 2010 by geoffropuff

recently, mickie moved to japan for unknown reasons.

mickie's ring

cushion cut, for those curious ones.

since she doesn’t have a car, nor do i anymore, we decided to get her a bike.

mickie's new bike

happy new bike owner!

her first ride ended in injury.

mickie's new bike wounds

sad new bike crasher!


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4 Responses to “mickie’s new bike”

  1. BE CAREFUL!!!! Riding bikes is super dangerous (but also super necessary) I’ve had a crash or two.. be careful and enjoy your new wings! 🙂



  2. Nice bling you got there Mickie.



  3. @nessa yeah, biking is dangerous. aya got hit by a car, my coworker got hit by a car at our school, another coworker go cut off by a semi-truck and rammed into it’s side, etc.

    @stacy i know how to pick. 😉



  4. nice project community fliers under the ring… 🙂


    stacy t.

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