mickie, ai, and i at versailles

Posted on Oct. 22, 2010 by geoffropuff

recently i met my former student ai so mickie and i took her to cuban food, versailles.  quite nearby was nathalee thai but i’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like spicy with artificial dyes.  when it comes to food i’m quite shy, i don’t like to try new things in fear i might die, or have explosive 3.5.

ai and i at versailles

ai and i at versailles

ai had never been to versailles so when mickie recommended the garlic chicken, she had to comply.  while i wanted the same, something caught my eye: the garlic salmon fry, i just had to try.  after our meals came by, mine was gone in the blink of an eye.  ai liked hers too, that she couldn’t deny.  and being the gentlemanly type of guy, while getting an extra bottle of garlic sauce supply, i decided to pay for her meal on the sly.  she was dumbfounded by my lie, thereby resigning herself to a thank you and a sigh.

versailles cuban garlic chicken and plantains

breast < thigh, not close to a tie.

after dinner we felt quite spry, so we decided on a quick 7-11 stop by.  a slurpee ai wanted to try because in japanese 7-11s, slurpees ga nai.  our time had zipped by but soon enough it was time to say goodbye because i had to meet kai.  and thus ends my story about mickie, ai, and i and our trip to versailles.

i’m a huge dork…

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5 Responses to “mickie, ai, and i at versailles”

  1. nice rhymes, especially the 3.5.



  2. uhhhhhhhhhh……. please don’t do that again.


    your favorite sister

  3. LOVE IT.



  4. @tak it wouldn’t be me without a 3.5 rhyme

    @ky don’t hate.

    @stacy i knew you would.



  5. Hey Geoff, I just discovered your blog while I was preparing information for the Kashiwa exchange at North (happening in November this year). I passed your blogsite information on to the host families so they can find out more about Kashiwa from your perspective.

    Oh, and I know Ai! She came when Amie was in her senior year at North and hosted Kashiwa. Great gal!


    Jody Komae

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