ichikashi earthquake drill

Posted on Oct. 30, 2010 by geoffropuff

because earthquakes have a history of devastation in the nation of japan, schools have periodic earthquake drills.  they board of education wants all students to be prepared in the case of a major earthquake, like in kobe, 1995.

kobe earthquake building

they should exit the building before it looks like this (kobe 1995).

this was the first of these drills that i’ve witnessed but it was extremely entertaining.  first of all, the alarm to start off the drill sounded like an air raid siren.  i didn’t know we were having a drill so i thought we were about to be nuked or something.

all of our students filed out of the building and onto the soccer field.  one interesting thing about the drill is that nobody changed their inside shoes before going out on the field because you wouldn’t take that time in a real emergency either.  the students HATE cleaning time on drill days since the halls are actually slightly dirty on those days.

ichikashi earthquake drill on the field

even on the field after an emergency, they still have to line up in straight lines, arm-length apart.

besides quickly and safely exiting the building, some of the students were able to experience an earthquake in the, wait for it, EARTHQUAKE TRUCK!  the city of kashiwa rented a truck that simulates earthquakes for some of the students to sit in.

earthquake drill truck

scratch that, they OWN the effing earthquake truck.

earthquake drill truck control panel

this guy controls the juice, and he only has 2 flavors: 4.0 and EIGHT.POINT.O.

of course my student, takamasa, decided to ham it up and hide under the fake table in the fake room during the fake earthquake in the earthquake truck…I N C E P T I O N.

(actually not inception cuz an earthquake truck would totally act as a kick and immediately ret-  i’m a dork)

inception meme deeper

this is the only funny inception meme picture. not nearly as good as sad keanu.

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  1. I personally like this one, although it doesn’t follow the 3 panel meme… http://chud.com/articles/content_images/5/inceptionairline.jpg



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