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Posted on Oct. 15, 2010 by geoffropuff

most people in japan, even college-aged and young professionals, live at home with their parents so there isn’t a lot of privacy, especially because many homes have paper-thin doors without locks.  these conditions just aren’t all that conducive to gettin’ busy so in come (heh) the love hotels.

love hotel book cover

a book inspired by the phenomenon.

love hotels, or rabuho, are pay-by-the-hour hotels that allow a certain anonymity in making sexytime.  most rabuho lobbies are devoid of people, sporting a few vending machine style room key dispensers.  to japanese people, the fact that these hotels exist is totally fine but to actually have any human contact while in one should make you want to commit seppuku (harakiri).

in all seriousness, though, it probably is life-wrecking to be seen coming out of one of these places because many men take their mistresses or “compensated dates” to these places.  compensated dating is basically high school girl prostitution.  regular folk go to rabuhos, of course, but there is definitely a seedier side to them.

love & pop

compensated dating spawned a movie about a high school girl and some of it took place in a rabuho.

i had read online and seen pictures of themed love hotels with elaborate rooms, full-sized jacuzzi tubs, and karaoke systems so i really wanted to see one in person.

love hotel sailor room

sailor fetish? check.

love hotel carousel

sex on a merry-go-round? check.

love hotel spider web

black widow seduction fantasy? check.

mickie said she couldn’t go with me because if her grandma would die from embarrassment.  so instead, emiko decided to go with me because she had never been inside one.  we decided to try the one closest to my apartment and get some pictures of the inside.

love hotel monsoon

as you can see, my crappy camera didn't get a good photo but the place was called monsoon

since it was near my apartment, i was desperately hoping i wouldn’t see anybody i knew because i honestly wasn’t there to do anything.  i just really wanted pictures.  anyways, the prices were too expensive for us to just go in for pictures so we took photos of the key vending machine.

love hotel monsoon key vending machine

the unlit buttons were already occupied rooms. dayam, there's a lot of people getting their freak on.

love hotel monsoon room 1

the stained glass peacock was kinda cool but the room looks boring, if not just a nice hotel room.

love hotel monsoon room 2

an even more boring and normal looking hotel room. but check out those prices. so expensive.

next, we decided to check out hotel 968 hoping that the prices would be more affordable.

love hotel 968

less fancy =/= cheap.

this hotel looked much jankier so we thought it might be cheaper but again, too expensive just for pictures.  there was actually a front desk at this place so we were unable to get pictures of a potential room but i did get pictures of the shady looking parking lot.

love hotel 968 parking lot

the crappy parking lot was indicative of the crappy rooms.

emiko and i were sad that our evening was such a failure but it was too late to go all the way out to tokyo and check out a nice rahuho.  we probably would have missed the last train and actually had to stay in the room, which i would NOT do.  under a black light, those rooms probably glow with the brightness of a thousand neon suns.

black light stain


in the end, i realized a couple things.  one, love hotels in the movies and on the internet are WAY cooler than real ones.  it’s probably because i’m in the outskirts of a suburb and not in tokyo, but i was def disappointed.  the rabuhos i visited were so boring.  two, sex is expensive.  if you’re going on a compensated date, you prob have to pay for your activities, pay for the room, and then pay for the girl.  it’s not cheap.


imagine spending that on one sex. NOT. WORTH. IT.

as my final note, i will leave you with this link to the BALLEREST love hotel ever.  yes, i made up a word for it.

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  1. interesting post, sorry you couldn’t infiltrate and take pics from the inside of one of the love hotels



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