akihabara with ken

Posted on Sep. 10, 2010 by geoffropuff

it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything so i’ll slowly try to catch up with my doings.  this post is reaching all the way back to the beginning of august.


i'm "backblogged." *rimshot*

ken and i went to akihabara to shop for a few things, mostly geeky stuff like camera lenses and hard drives, you know the deal.  being one of the stranger places in japan, akiba never ceases amuse me.  first of all, i discovered that douchebaggery is not isolated to the US.

akihabara hummer

i don't even see how this fits on any of japan's tiny roads.

japan is one of those weird places that is SO dense with people and urbanization, but can have random pockets of nature.  akiba is full of multi-storied buildings, electronics shops, etc. but wandering around the back streets revealed this cute little park that had some kids and adults playing soccer.  it was like an oasis of nature buried in a sea of video games, maid cafes, and motherboards.

akihabara park

in a city that lacks shade-covered areas to just chill, this was a refreshing surprise.

one of the more entertaining things i find in japan is engrish.  many times, it seems like english was tacked onto signs just for the sake of having english, not really to attract english-speaking customers.  the picture was enough, i don’t think we needed the words…

relax head

oh you japanese and your engrish.

akiba has an eclectic assortment of foods available for consumption.  there are a lot of counter restaurants (places without tables because otakus don’t have people to sit with).


you just KNOW this dude doesn't have "people" to sit with.

but there are also food trucks, standing-only crepe windows, and other things.  on this day, i was privileged to have DONER KEBAB from KING KEBAB.  i don’t know why i seem so excited for it.  it wasn’t anything special.  i guess just like saying doner…

akihabara chicken doner

the chicken doner kebab

beef doner kebab

the beef doner kebab

king kebab akihabara

he looks less a king and more a sultan but that's just me being nitpicky.

lastly, i found one electronic that i DESPERATELY want but CANNOT afford: the dyson air multiplier.  a.  fan.  with.  no.  blades.  need i say more?  oh, yeah, the price.  $400.  damn.

dyson air multiplier

I WANT ONE. even saw a used one for $250 but still couldn't justify the cost...

let’s hope this is only the first of many posts catching you up on all the happenings in japan.  until next time.

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