a fishing ape and NIKEiD

Posted on Sep. 16, 2010 by geoffropuff

anyone who reads this blog knows that i have a (semi) unhealthy obsession with bape.  i think it’s because it’s cute without being cutesy, if that makes any sense at all.

bape sanrio

alright, i wouldn't have rocked this shirt but you get the point.

i made a trip to harajuku to have a chance at visiting a bape limited-time store, 144H: a fishing ape.  it was called 144H because it was only opened for 144 hours (9 hours a day for a couple weeks, give or take).  the tagline, a fishing ape, was appropriate because they sold nothing but fishing gear.


kinda unassuming except the ape on the window.

a fishing ape

this was one of the only bape brandings in the store. not even a small pouch or anything.

i thought there might be a chance they sold some other sport-related items with bape branding, so i made the trip.  boy was i wrong.  the branding wasn’t even bape, and they really did, in fact, have only fishing stuff.  some of the jackets looked pretty snazzy but seeing as how i was never going fishing, it was useless.  long story short, i was sad panda.

sad panda

even us sad pandas need hugs.

good thing there’s tons of things to do in harajuku, including taking a photo of everyone’s favorite epicly-placed store: CONDOMANIA!


it's right smack-dab on one of the busiest corners of harajuku. don't call the japanese prudish.

whenever we walk by it, mickie beams proudly as if she handmade those suckers.

okamoto condoms

excellent! *ok sign*

in all seriousness, the one store that made it worth the trip was the NIKEiD store.  i’m a big fan of iD-ing my basketball shoes, so to see a store dedicated to iD was awesome.

NIKEiD studio 1

customize your own what?

NIKEiD studio 2

that whole customize/stencil/tagger thing seems kinda cheesy but looks pretty decent.

you can customize a lot of shoes but you can also customize a shirt with a customized shoe on it.  i wonder if you can customize a shirt with a customized shoe with an image of the customized shirt on it.  too meta—-*head explodes*

NIKEiD shirt making

the first thing you see when you walk in is a station to iD t-shirts.

NIKEiD stencil

they have a bunch of stencils of one of their signature shoes, the dunks, to be placed on a shirt.

NIKEiD shoe stenciled on shirt

each part of the shoe can be colored with different patterns, colors, and materials.

NIKEiD finished shirt

after you complete your stencil, you had it to the attendant and they silkscreen your creation onto a t-shirt for purchase.

on the second floor of the store, there is a large row of computer stations overlooking the street, each with the NIKEiD webpage open.  attendants are walking around and offering to aid in the process of customizing your favorite shoe.  even if you don’t plan on purchasing the shoes, it’s a lot of fun to play around with the customization application, and you can even email yourself your creation in case you want to buy it in the future.

NIKEiD workstation

dude, i hope you're just in the beginning stages of shoe creation cuz those kicks are WACK!

the store also had some tokyo exclusive t-shirts for sale, one of which i bought for grant.  unfortunately, i didn’t get any good pictures of them.  the one i bought grant was black with “TOKYO” written in red block letters, half-overlapping “TOKYO” written in yellow, etc. with the colors of the rainbow.  yeah, it sounds like i bought him a nike tokyo gay pride shirt.  grant, i’ll love you whatever your preference.

nike rainbow tokyo shirt

the grey and green one looks pretty sick too.

EDIT: in searching for a pic of the tokyo shirt, i found out that it and a couple other shirts were 4-day limited exclusives.  really wish i had bought one for myself.  i also wish i had taken pictures of the shirts but i was sort of in a hurry to meet friends for dinner.  for more pictures of the shirts, visit the link below.


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  1. i really like the shirt at the top of the post… the little twin stars and my melody?! YES PLEASE! haha


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