sausage mcmuffin narcolepsy

Posted on Aug. 12, 2010 by geoffropuff

NOTE: i won’t be posting for a couple weeks cuz i’ll be at home visiting friends and fam.  grandma’s house doesn’t have internet so i’m kinda SOL.  see you in a few weeks!

see you later alligator

i love google images.

so you all know that i enjoy periodically looking at the search terms people use to get to my blog.  a search term that really stood out to me this time was “sausage mcmuffin narcolepsy.”  my first thought was, “who the hell is searching for ‘sausage mcmuffin narcolepsy’?”  i decided to make a blog post about this interesting set of words so i type them into google with the intention of finding a cool image.  (couldn’t find a good picture but here’s a video about fainting goats.  it’s what popped up when i typed narcoleptic into youtube.)

in doing this search, i discovered that my blog not only front-paged this search, but was the 5th site in the list.  5th!  (it referenced my mega mcmuffin ridiculousness post.)

sausage mcmuffin narcolepsy screenshot


on top of that, i told my good friend, nick, about this recent development (shoutout to you, sucka!) and he told me “sausage mcmuffin narcolepsy” would be a GREAT garage band name.  seeing as i don’t have a garage band, a “beatles: rock band” band name will have to do.

beatles rock band

totally unrelated: i want a glorious stache like this one.

EDIT: i actually wrote this post around july 25th but didn’t publish it.  in the time since, i’m no longer front paged.  but it was exciting at the time!

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