polka dot bug

Posted on Jul. 12, 2010 by geoffropuff

i swear there’s so many more bugs in japan than in the states.  some of you probably think i’m crazy but consider that i’m from socal.  we’ve long since demolished all remnants of nature so there’s not a lot of wildlife, bugs included.  that said, i always find strange bugs, the following polka dot beetle being one of them.

polka dot beetle

scared the crap out of me cuz he was climbing my door.

another insect-related thing: i went to a sushi restaurant near teganuma lake about a month ago.  the road i rode my bike on was in between the lake and farmland so there were naturally some bugs flying around.  there were thousands, possibly millions, of bugs all over the place.  while i rode my bike, i had to keep my mouth and eyes closed at all costs.  i felt thousands of bugs hitting my legs as i rode my bike.  a few tried to flying up my nose as well.  i felt like i was riding my bike through the 8th plague.

locust swarm

this boy is a braver soul than i. i freak out when a mosquito flies by my ear.

unfortunately, some of those little flies got stuck in the hood of my sweatshirt whilst i rode home.  and a month later, i still have those little bitches breeding all over my house.  every time i think i’ve killed most of them or thrown away their breeding area, another batch shows up.  i just hope they’re gone by the time mickie moves here…

fruit fly sex

they get it on doggy-style while flying! killed at least 3 pairs mid-coitus.

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