kay’s visit

Posted on Jul. 6, 2010 by geoffropuff

my friend from college, kay, has been in japan with her boyfriend for the past 2 weeks so i met up with her for dinner a couple times.  first off, she brought me a gift from my partner in crime, takamasa.  <3  (did you know that his last name and my last name use the same japanese syllables, and if you combine our names it becomes matsudama?)  he sent me a BEARDHEAD!


i am a badass.

anyways, we all met up in “the jook” (shinjuku) for some $20 all-you-can-eat shabu^2.  it wasn’t the best shabu in the world but i liked the fact that veggies were self-serve.  i had a mushroom party!  (i was afraid to google search “mushroom party” but it wasn’t so bad.)

mushroom party toad

"i want to eat your children." -mike tyson

we all ate a lot but we were no worse for wear.

kay shabu group

leina, kay, randy, yumix, and me actually fit in the iphone camera's frame.

then this past sunday, kay and randy came out to kashiwa to have yakiniku with me.  i brought ken along cuz i know he won’t pass up the chance to have yakiniku at michan.  it was the usual affair with the meat but we made an amazing discovery: sherbet served in hollowed out fruits!

michan orange sherbet

orange sherbet. mine, mine, mine. (yes, i'm a seagull.)

michan apple sherbet

ken's apple. he ate the whole thing, apple included.

michan pineapple sherbet 1

kay and randy's part 1.

michan pineapple sherbet 2


they were just as delicious as they looked.  just another example of the awesomeness that is michan yakiniku.  thanks for coming out, kay.  and happy birthday!

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