epic journey

Posted on Jul. 7, 2010 by geoffropuff

so ken and i were hungry but didn’t want to have just any ordinary dinner.  we had to have the PERFECT dinner.  abiko station is one stop from our station so we decided to go there and walk around.  we saw a mos burger but that wasn’t right.  we had to move on.

mos burger

it's good but not PERFECT.

continuing on, we passed by several izakayas and family restaurants that all would have sufficed but, again, they just weren’t perfect.

close but no cigar

close but no cigar... (google images ftw)

we eventually came to this french restaurant that we had eaten at before.  it was rated one of the top 5 restaurants in chiba prefecture.  had we come to our dining destination?  no, we hadn’t.  ken and i had eaten there before and while we liked it, it wouldn’t have been the culinary nirvana that we were looking for.

french food with kondo

this is what i had last time i was at the french restaurant.

and our trek continued, bringing us to a hidden shopping center.  it had looked like we were walking into a residential area where we could find some kind of little known mom and pop house of delectable goodness.  that short walk took us to a small oasis of a shopping center called Espa (maybe Esper?).  by this time, ken and i were pretty famished so we knew we were close to our destination.


not the band, thank you very much. google images ftl.

after our long and arduous trip, our final resting place happened to be…*drumroll* burger king.  BURGER-EFFING-KING!

burger king

looks like he's ready for the golden shower... (long story)

we settled for burger king cuz we were too hungry.  it’s like those people playing deal or no deal and they take the first offer after opening the million dollar case.  we were pretty bummed but whatever, i enjoy a good chicken sandwich.  unfortunately, there were a couple of problems at BK.  first, my orange juice was too watery the first time around.  AND they put too much ice in it.

burger king ice level

you can clearly see the ice should be this high.

burger king ice actual level

but in actuality, my ice was THIS high.

next, my chicken sandwich took FOREVER to come.  like, i saw them hatch the chick, grow the chick, have her make eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast sandwiches, THEN kill and cook her.  geeze.  ken was almost done eating before the guy even looked at me a second time.  in the meantime, i had the opportunity to peruse the contents of another ridiculous burger king burger.

rodeo whopper

3 patties, 6 onion rings, cheese, bbq sauce, and a metric buttload of mayonaise.

after dinner, ken and i decided to buy some golden showers (golden pineapple sundae which was basically soft serve ice cream that someone peed on).

burger king golden shower

golden shower.

we also figured that since my sandwich was late, i got too much ice, and we were served pee ice cream, we had to get our money’s worth.  we stole some crowns and became kings for the day.

king ken

we def got strange looks at the station.

the golden showers weren’t satisfying so we decided to buy mister donut donuts.  unfortunately, bastard ass ken left them on the counter or at the register.  so sad.

green tea-filled donut

i got a strawberry-filled one but thought the green tea-filled ones were more interesting to look at.

and thus ends the epic journey.


yeah. that. just. happened.

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