raw chicken yakitori

Posted on Jun. 21, 2010 by geoffropuff

recently, i went to a yakitori restaurant with the other english teachers from my school and the visiting north high teachers.  yakitori means barbecued chicken so it was a pretty big surprise when they brought out a raw chicken salad.

raw chicken salad

salmonella salad!

i don’t know about all of you but i’ve definitely gotten food poisoning from undercooked chicken in the past (thanks gene…) so i was understandably nervous.


he's the bastard on the left. the other bastards from left to right are scott, freddie, and steve.

i almost passed on eating it because, as you all know, i have a weak stomach.  anything can cause a massive bout with the 3.5 explosive.  i decided, though, to man up, eat the thing, and live with the consequences no matter how splattery they may be.  i’m so glad i ate the raw chicken cuz it was delicious.

seared chicken skewers

another raw-ish chicken dish: seared chicken skewer with wasabi.

i was feeling rather adventurous so i also decided to eat this fried soy patty with natto inside, kinda like a big soy sandwich.  i don’t usually like natto cuz it’s super sticky and it smells like feet but this was actually good.

natto sandwich

fried bean curd surrounding fermented beans. sounds good, right?

being a yakitori restaurant, i also ate some skewered bbq chicken.  crazy delicious.

chicken skin

chicken skin...mmmmmmmmm...

to this day, i think it was the best yakitori i’ve ever eaten.  when any of you come to visit and feel ready to take salmonella poisoning head on, i’ll take you there.

negi yakitori

negi (green onion) skewer with lemon.

one last note, i mentioned that the teachers and students from north high came to ichikashi.  one of the teachers that came happened to be my old volleyball coach.  it was nice seeing him after 9 years or so, but really strange seeing him in a peer role versus a coach/mentor role.  it was even stranger calling him by his first name.  either way, it was great seeing pioch.


he played volleyball with some of the kids here and scared them with how hard he could hit the ball. they came crying to me. haha.

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