mega mcmuffin and other fast food ridiculousness

Posted on Jun. 11, 2010 by geoffropuff

i was just minding my own business and eating my blueberry breakfast bar one day when ken comes into work with a mcdonalds bag.  while i think mcdonalds is disgusting, i also think it’s delicious so i was insanely jealous until i saw something i thought was kinda gross: the mega mcmuffin.

mega mcmuffin

an egg patty, 2 sausage patties, bacon, and cheese

this got me thinking about fast food both in japan and america.  america is known for eating tons of fatty/fast food, but i think japan is under-appreciated in this regard.  let’s see a comparison.  first up, the mcgangbang.  i’ve ordered the double cheeseburger and mcchicken together but eaten them separately, so i guess the next natural step was to smoosh them together.  maybe the ultimate step is to drop them in a blender with a coke and mcflurry?


exihibit A(A): mcgangbang (double cheeseburger with spicy mcchicken sandwich between the burger patties)

the land, air, and sea burger is a similar idea but more costly (double cheeseburger + mchicken = $2 vs. big mac + mcchicken + filet-o-fish = $5ish).  i would personally stick with the mcgangbang.

land, air, and sea burger

exhibit B(A): land, air, and sea burger (big mac, chicken patty, filet-o-fish, and french fries to top things off)

japan has it’s own ridiculousness, piling on disgusting amounts of meats and cheese.  first, take a look at the tower burger.  it’s a triple burger but each patty is noticeably thicker than quarter pounder patties.  i’m guessing at least a pound and a half of meat in this burger.

tower burger

exhibit A(J) - pakutch tower burger (triple burger)

and finally, burger king’s signature “sold our soul to ‘the man'” burger: the windows 7 whopper.  (haha, as if being a multi-national burger chain isn’t also considered being ‘the man’)

windows 7 burger

exhibit B(J) - burger king's windows 7 whopper (7 patties. eww.)

hehehehehehehe, B…J…

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