kobe beef again!

Posted on Jun. 4, 2010 by geoffropuff

i know i made a post about kobe beef a couple months back but i recently went back to have kobe beef, twice!  megumi and jarrett came to stay with me in april and wanted to go to the kobe beef restaurant during their visit because they had seen the delicioso pics from my first foray into expensive beef.  i don’t have much else to say about the food because it was just as good but i did try a different side dish than the first time.  instead of red snapper, i got shrimp.

misono shrimp

one of the chefs at misono steak house was the executive chef to help open benihana’s in beverly hills.  i don’t know if he taught them all that onion volcano silliness but it’s all business at misono.

benihana onion volcano

how about you spend less time making a show, and more time making my food taste good. okay?

he speaks english so he always takes care of me.  he gave megumi, jarrett, and i some specialty cookies from hiroshima or hokkaido, i can’t really remember which.  as we were finishing up, the couple next to us decided to order special shrimp.  in this case, special meant cooked while alive.  it was hard to watch because i don’t like watching animals in pain but apparently shrimp may only experience discomfort but not pain.  i just tell myself that to ease my conscience a bit.

(not gonna lie, though.  the end product looked crazy-delicious.)

crazy delicious

"it's the chronic-WHAT-cles of narnia"

jarrett had been drinking all day (they went to a kashiwa reysol game earlier in the day) so stuffing his stomach led to a food-induced coma.  actually, food-induced narcolepsy is a more accurate description.

jarrett KTFO

i don't know if megumi got to sleep in the bed with him or if she just crashed on the couch...

another recent update: i went to misono AGAIN!  mickie’s parents visited japan last week and i got to eat my favorite beef again.  i’m gonna go broke if i keep eating there, but a life in the streets would be worth it.


especially if i could make fun signs like this dude.

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