japanese calzone

Posted on May. 19, 2010 by geoffropuff

recently, i went to eat at a pasta restaurant with emiko.  she and i have kinda continued the tradition that i had with some friends back in the states that we would eat together often enough to be able to just take turns paying for dinner.  it’s a nice ritual that i have with my close friends, and it makes me feel that even in japan i have some semblance of normalcy.


i actually went from about 82kg to 77kg. (that's about 11lbs or so to those of you not on metric)

anyways, when i eat with emiko, i don’t really hold back.  i’ve been doing the nutrisystem diet (portion control) during the week so on saturday nights i eat what i want.  i ordered a bowl of pasta, garlic toast, and a calzone.  the pasta and garlic bread were a standard affair but the calzone had me surprised.  it was bigger than my hand, maybe almost the size of my head.

huge calzone

i woulda held it up to my head but emiko and i still wanted to eat it.

and that’s saying a lot considering i was called ‘watermelon head’ in elementary school.  (one kid signed my 5th grade panoramic picture, “hey charlie brown-” and i wanted to cry because he wrote it in sharpie.)

watermelon face

this pic is absolutely terrifying. i typed "watermelon head" into google images, not "watermelon face."

most food in japan is smaller than america so i was surprised and happy that i found such a wonderful calzone.  to my surprise again, my first surprise was overridden by the fact that 90% of that huge calzone was air.  it was like opening a huge bag of hot cheetos to find only the bottom 1/3 of the bag has chips in it.

deflated calzone 1

like so many of our politicians, full of hot air.

deflated calzone 2

that calzone both shook and restored my faith in japanese portions.

speaking of japanese portions, i just thought i’d share an unagi picture with you.  ken and i thought this was really entertaining.

super unagi

2 riceballs, 1 unagi. much more delicious than 2 girls, 1 cup...

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