clubbing at ageha

Posted on May. 24, 2010 by geoffropuff

recently during japan’s golden week holiday, my friends and i decided to go clubbing at ageha.  ageha is the biggest club in japan and one of the bigger clubs in all of asia.  i was excited to see what all the hype was about because all my friends rave about the place.  but for those of you that know me, i’m a sloth and wasn’t looking forward to staying out all night.


believe it or not, i played bball against a guy who sorta looked like sloth: uneven eyes, pointy head, and everything. poor bastard.

ageha is located in shin-kiba, which is the functional equivalent to rancho cucamonga (lots of space, nothing interesting filling that space).  needless to say, the club was pretty big.

ageha morning shot

that huge warehouse, plus the surrounding outer area, was the club. really, there was nothing else around besides the train station and a river.

more surprising than the size of the club were the food stands.  the patio area of the club looked like a matsuri with small booths selling food.  i guess they all understand that people get hungry when they spend 5 hours at a club.  (after this, i wanna see heart attack bacon dog carts in a side room at tao.)  besides the food outside, there was an outdoor dj booth and dance floor surrounding a bubbling pool (which someone fell/jumped into at 5:15am.  idiot.) and an enclosed dance area with another dj and dance floor.

ageha food booths

it smelled good but i didn't wanna get cramps while dancing.

inside the main area of the club was a huge bar with stripper poles on each of the 4 corners.  yes, those poles were utilized but they took away my camera after i entered so no pics.  anyways, next to the bar was a small dance area with electronic music playing and some alcohol companies showing off their stuff.  but the real meat of the club was on the other side of the bar: a HUGE gymnasium-size room.  it was the single biggest dance floor i’ve ever seen, including vegas.

ageha main dance floor

this pic makes the dance floor look MUCH smaller than it was, which is pretty ridiculous.

it was hip-hop night (which was super lucky cuz we didn’t look it up.  the night before was shangrila [gay] night, which would have been a tragedy), so the djs played a mix of hip-hop and pop.  dj master key, dj hasebe, dj kaori, and a couple others (sadly no dj bass) were spinning that night but dj kaori was my favorite.  not only was she easy on the eyes, but she played a good mix of more popular stuff with less known stuff.  a lot of the other djs played mostly underground that was good but didn’t get the crowd involved nearly as much.

dj kaori

she looks like grant's type. go for it, sucka!

i don’t remember if i covered this before but clubbing in japan is an all-night affair.  usually you meet up around 10pm to pre-party at an izakaya or karaoke place.  then you get to the club around midnight-1am, not leaving until around 5am or so when the trains start up again.  (the first trains are full of 3 kinds of people: businessmen hating their lives for having to work on a sunday, students hating their lives for having to practice sports on a sunday morning, and club-goers that hate their lives for having a hangover before they’ve even had a chance to sleep.)  it’s fun and terrible at the same time.

after ageha

we (they) look surprisingly good for pulling an all-nighter. (from left to right: shin-chan, emiko, satomi, makiko, miki)

all in all, it was definitely a fun time.  up til now, i’ve mostly spent time at small underground hip-hop clubs/lounges so it was nice to hit up a vegas-style venue.  i’m definitely looking forward to the next time i’ll hate my life.

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