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Posted on Apr. 7, 2010 by geoffropuff

before her trip, mickie did some internet searches for things we could do during her visit.  one of the things she randomly found was this place called “maza bokujyo” or mother farm.  the flyer had pictures of all the things you could do on the farm: pet animals, milk cows, watch piggie races, etc.

mothre farm flyer 1mother farm flyer 2mother farm flyer 3mother farm flyer 4


of all the things on that flyer, i was most excited for the duck parade.  what isn’t to like about a parade of ducks?  i was expecting one of those scenes from car commercials where the car’s anti-lock break system saves a shepher-errrr-duckherd and his flock from certain disaster.

duck flock

kinda like this

mickie made fun of me because all i could talk to people about was my excitement for the duck parade.  she even made a comic about it.  the duck “parade” was less a parade, more a “bumrush the girl with the food.”  it was entertaining (did you know that ducks can’t run well with their feet so they need to flap their wings and basically fly across the ground?) but i was slightly disappointed.

duck "parade"

not enough ducks for a parade!

besides the duck parade, ken, lori, mickie, and i took pictures of the large nanohana, or rape flower, fields.  you read that right, RAPE FLOWERS.  it was even in our brochures.

rape flowers

do they give other flowers roofies before gettin' their cross-pollination on?

duck rape

ducks rape with corkscrew junk.

anyways, we took some really nice pictures with the nanohana.

mickei and me nanohana tree

the tree looks like it could be an out of control geoffro-puff.

ken and lori nanohana pic

ken and lori also wanted to rock the geoffro-puff.

creepin' in the nanohana

such a peaceful scene...

pouncin' in the nanohana


nanohana pounce closeup

people were laughing at me, probably thinking, "crazy gaijin..."

we also got to watch, AND BET ON, piggie races.  they would release 6 pigs at once, and have little kids spank them towards the finish.  if people in the crowd wanted to bet, they had to buy a small plush piggie with a number attached.  if their pig won the last race, they could show their small pig and get a large pig.  after the humiliation of a close loss (mentioned below), my piggie, Tonokotsu-Tarou, ran a clean race for the gold.  (after the win, mickie and i had fun naming our piggie plushies: porkahontas okamoto (small and pink), kevin bacon tsudama (large and black [“that’s what she said”]), and missing from the pic is swinederella tsudama (small and beige).

mickie, me, porkahontas, and kevin bacon tsudama

in the second to last race, my pig was winning until the last second when ken’s pig came racing around the final corner and sprinted past my pig.  apparently, his little girl bitch slapped his ass too hard and he gtfo of there.  unfortunately, i only got video from one of the more boring races, but it’s still fun to watch.

pigs lazing around

resting before their big race! (does this picture remind anyone else of that game "pass the pigs"?)

piggie race

gently pat their butts, don't spank.

finally, i don’t know if you noticed in the flyer at the beginning, they advertised their jingisukan (Genghis Khan) bbq.  apparently, this happy dairy farm also functions as a slaughter house.  you can pet cows, milk cows, and EAT STEAK!  you can feed pigs, watch piggie races, and EAT DELICIOUS SAUSAGE!  i think Boxer would disapprove.


cute? delicious!

pig and me


delicious sausage


animal farm

"napoleon is always right" because he wears a monocle.

in the end, we had a wonderful time at mother farm.  i would probably visit on a regular basis if it didn’t take me 2.5 hours from my house to get there.  here are a few other miscellaneous pictures from our adventures.

timeout corner pony

timeout corner pony

ken under the plum blossoms

ken looks so small under the big plum trees.

big dog

this guy was roaming around at the mother farm dog park. i totally want one of him, even though he's bigger than mickie.

poop butt sheep

use some toilet paper, sheep.

peeing horse

i almost got hit with some splash damage.

mickie blueberry sorbet

mickie and i enjoyed our blueberry sorbets. the blueberry wine was meh.

calf in a cage

i hope this little guy doesn't become veal.

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  1. Napoleon is always right! (Did they really make an Animal Farm movie?) Props on that iconic reference.

    BTW when I heard Duck Parade, I totally imagined this:


    last of the lil sibs

  2. the movie wasn’t great. it skipped a lot of the good things but kelsey grammar as napoleon was pretty awesome.



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