kobe beef

Posted on Apr. 15, 2010 by geoffropuff

my japanese teacher, mrs. nakano, and her husband often treat me and mickie to dinner at amazing restaurants.  the latest of these restaurants happened to be a benihana-style teppanyaki kobe beef restaurant.

kobe beef chef

it may look like benihana but couldn't have been more different. no showmanship, just good eats.

i’ll just say it now, this is the best beef i have ever eaten, BY FAR.  lawry’s tastes like a big bag of horseradish covered crap compared to kobe beef.

lawry's prime rib

delicious, right?

flaming bag of poo

nope. flaming bag of poo.

we started the meal with sliced potatoes.  it was really interesting because the chef didn’t cook us potatoes for the sake of eating them, he used them to gauge the specific heat of the teppanyaki grill.  once the grill was ready, he served them to us as not to waste perfectly good grilled potatoes.

kobe beef potatoes

yeah, we only got two.

our next part of the meal was a choice between grilled shrimp or red snapper.  mickie and i shared so we each got to try both.

kobe beef shrimp

they even fried the tails to eat kinda like chips.

kobe beef red snapper

red snapper with sauteed tomato sauce

then came the “meat” of the meal (pun painfully intended),  the beef.  mmm.  garnished with some onions and bean sprouts carmelized in beef fat.  MMM.  the beef didn’t have the consistency of beef.  at no point in the meal did i feel like i was eating meat.  i was eating beef-flavored butter.  serious.

kobe beef raw

it even looked delicious raw.

kobe beef cooked

i don't know if i will ever eat beef as tender and tasty as this. it's ruined all other beef for me.

as a followup to the beef, we got some simple fried rice made with beef scraps, and clam miso soup.

kobe beef miso soup and fried rice

even the soup and fried rice were better than average.

and we finished it off with some matcha ice cream.

kobe beef matcha ice cream

i started liking matcha (green tea) ice cream solely because this place's was so good.

this place was super low key but with a nice atmosphere.  the only thing that seemed out of place was the small sink area in the middle of the restaurant.  to be blunt, it looked janky.

kobe beef janky room

what you can't see in this picture is the cracking paint and slightly mildewed look. not very fitting of this classy restaurant.

all-in-all, i enjoyed my first experience with kobe beef.  i’m hoping that it’s not my last, but dinner was pretty expensive.  not as expensive as grant’s kobe beef steak in vegas ($150 for a steak, really?) but still significant ($60).  i wish i had my good camera, not just my iphone cam.  oh well, at least i got a good pic of the gf.

kobe beef mickie

we even got glorious bibs.

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4 Responses to “kobe beef”

  1. wow…kobe beef… lucky you!
    Jenny and I went with two friends from Hawaii to Kobe…looked for a Kobe beef restaurant to sample kobe beef. Our steaks were a lot smaller and our dinner cost llike $72 each. Instead of the fried potatoes, we got crispy fried garlic chips.


    miike mom

  2. that lawrys plate looks like they used blood instead of gravy on everything



  3. “meat is murder. tasty murder.”



  4. Beef flavored butter. Sounds delightful. Not gonna lie, I’m jealous.



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