influenza packages

Posted on Apr. 23, 2010 by geoffropuff

seeing as how i’m currently sick, i thought it was a good time to show you all some funny pictures i found online.  as some of you may know,  japan views any and every sickness worthy of busting out the hazmat suits.

shoko-tan hazmat suit

believe or not, shoko-tan only has the sniffles.

that might be a slight over-exaggeration but, seriously…  take, for instance, the following “infuruenza pakku” (flu packages) offered by secom trust inc.  for level 1 germs, they offer a mask, thermometer, spray alcohol, and “don’t die to influenza” book.

flu pack 1

alternate book title, "SARS and you, a love story"

level 2 ups the intensity with a biohazard trashcan, cavity search gloves, and industrial strength spray alcohol.

flu pack 2

i think this is the pack i need. my boogies were glowing green.

and finally, not for the faint of heart, pack 3.  the outbreak suit!

flu pack 3

either the ebola monkey is roaming around or japanese people REALLY overreact to the flu.

now, i don’t see any monkeys arou-

outbreak monkey


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