hottest ramen in japan

Posted on Apr. 16, 2010 by geoffropuff

while mickie was here, we were lucky enough to have dinner with our friends naoko and hiro.  our other friends were too busy to make dinner at such short notice but it was no big deal.  we had a nice couples night where we witnessed hiro eat a restaurant’s self-proclaimed “hottest ramen in japan.”

hottest ramen in japan and hiro

so many different peppers...

i took a sip, smaller than half a spoonful, and my mouth was crazy burning.  hiro and naoko were both sweating and constantly fanning their mouths.  i wonder how it compares to orochon ramen’s -2 special spicy.

orochon ramen

if you can eat and drink the soup from this ramen in 20 minutes, it's free and you get your name on the wall. i don't think it's worth the week's worth of 3.5 explosive diarrhea.

it was a really nice time.  i think we’ll probably have more of these double date nights when mickie moves here.

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  1. Not just explosive diarreah, but on going abdominal pain as the spices burn away the inside of your gastrointestinal lining all the way to till your rectum



  2. thanks for the graphic explanation!



  3. ooh… when i come visit next year can we eat this?


    your favorite sister

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