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Posted on Apr. 20, 2010 by geoffropuff

i never got around to posting about my trip to disney sea with mickie and the kashiwa kids so here it goes.  mickie, emiko, yumika, miki, her daughter mariya, and i all went to tokyo disney sea (japan’s offshoot equivalent to california adventure) during spring break.

disney sea group

this pic turned out much better than we expected.

we had planned on going a week earlier but strong winds and rain postponed our plans for a full week.  we felt really bad because little mariya was super devastated when she woke up that morning.  “mama, itsu iku no?  ashita no ashita, no ashita…”  (mom, when are we going?  tomorrow’s tomorrow’s tomorrow’s…)  mariya picture collection incoming…

mariya disney sea 1

mariya disney sea 2

mariya disney sea

mariya disney sea 5

when we finally got there, things were pretty much what i expected.  lots of people, crazy lines, excited kids, dating teenagers, you know the deal.  the thing that caught me by surprise was the existence of thousands and thousands of popcorn buckets.  around the disney parks, there are flavored popcorn stands that sell themed, refillable popcorn buckets.  in america, people would buy those for their kids and forget about them.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON had a popcorn bucket.  it was amazing.  only in japan.  (mickiehouse also has a post on the infamous popcorn bucket.)

mariya popcorn


so back to the crazy lines.  at disneyland in the states, a long line is anything over an hour or so.  the shortest line we waited in was about 30 minutes…for a FASTpass.  let me reiterate, we waited 30 minutes in line to shorten the longer line (which was about 3.5 hours) with a FASTpass.  it’s a given that we didn’t ride so many things (compounded by the fact that mariya is only 4 years old so she couldn’t really ride anything).

fastpass line

this is seriously the line for a fastpass.

we only ended up riding maybe 3-4 rides all day, but we got to see the little mermaid musical show (think california adventure’s aladdin show on a smaller scale) which was really good.  it was nice cuz the songs were still in english, although the spoken language was in japanese (lip-synced by an obviously clueless white girl).  couldn’t get pictures of inside the theater, but i did get pictures of the little mermaid-themed area.

king triton

upon seeing this statue, japanese fishermen immediately tried stabbing at the bronzed dolphins.

little mermaid area

dark lights and bright colors make for a visually stimulating, if not seizure inducing, environment!

by the end of the day, we were all exhausted from the walking and the waiting but definitely had enough energy for the buffet.  it was nice because most buffets in japan have a time limit, but this one let me stuff my face for quite a long time.  again, no pictures cuz i was too tired to even think of anything but eating.

mariya sleeping at the buffet

ate some food an promptly KTFO.

all in all, it was a great day.  i want to go back and visit tokyo disneyland next time, but i’ll try to go on a weekday when it’s not so busy.

nighttime group disney sea

the only downer on the day was that mickie bought what can only be described as a mix between a snuggie and a poncho from the gift shop.

mickie poncho

even she's too embarassed to rock this sucka in public.

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