newspaper fashion show

Posted on Mar. 4, 2010 by geoffropuff

as english teachers in japan, we’re always looking for ways to make english fun and interesting for the students.  sometimes conversation isn’t enough to spark the interest and imaginations of our 40 students who have club activities and other things on their minds.  ken and i decided to pull out the old, trusty NSU handbook for a good activity:

newspaper fashion show group


the students were to sketch an outfit, write out a description (what it’s worn for, who wears it, good points of it, etc.), create it in newspaper, and, finally, present it in a “runway show.”  the runway show didn’t come out so well as they don’t like to ham it up so much.  however, the outfits came out really well.

newspaper fashion show group 2

kimonos, basketball uniforms, housewife aprons, and more!

we told the students to be creative, and while many of the outfits were a bit bland, we ended up with some REALLY good ones.

saori southern belle

saori the southern belle

aya the snowboarder

aya the snowboarder

yusuke the warrior

yusuke the warrior

momka the shrine maiden

momoka the shrine maiden

ken, hawaiian princess

ken, hawaiian princess, wanted to look pretty too. i'd say he succeeded.

after all the hard work that went into this project, some students were just a little tuckered out.

sleeping saori

no sleeping in class...

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