national geographic short films

Posted on Mar. 8, 2010 by geoffropuff

one of the blogs that’s in my reader is tokyomango.  lisa katayama is their main blogger, and is also someone who lives in japan.  most of the time i just read her blog because she has a better insight into japan than i do, but sometimes i find things that are worth mentioning.  today, she posted a link to a short film (haruka!) about a woman who fights sexual harassment after taking inspiration from “bolitas,” a group of what seems like women pro-wrestlers from bolivia.

that film is the second of 3 made by national geographic japan promoting the theme that “knowledge isn’t the end goal, but just the beginning.”  the other 2 films come after the jump.

these films don’t have the universal appeal as film 2 does because there’s more dialogue but they are still interesting, nonetheless.

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