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Posted on Mar. 16, 2010 by geoffropuff

in the past, i’ve covered green tea mcflurys, strawberry oreo mcflurrys, strawberry shortcake mcflurrys, and other things from mcdonalds.  i’ve even talked about the crappy white guy, mr. james, they used to slang their food.

mr. james

thank you for furthering racism in japan, mr. james.

when i talk to people in japan, the first two things they associate with america are hamburgers and danger.  yes, danger.  “where are you from?” “oh i’m from the US.  i live in los angeles.” “OHHH, isn’t it dangerous?” “yes, people pull guns on me every week.”

gun girl

this girl assaulted me for my milk money.

but this post is about mcdonalds recent line of burgers.  for the past couple months, they’ve released new burgers based on different locations in the states.  the first burger was the texas burger (crispy fried onions, cheese, tangy bbq sauce, mustard, and BACON).  i’ll be honest, i didn’t eat this one but if i did, i would have gotten it with no mustard.  it looks good tho.

mcdonalds texas burger

if this burger gets rereleased, i am definitely going to try it.

the second burger was the new york burger (monterey jack, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and BACON), which i also didn’t get a chance to eat.  i’ve never been to new york but those ingredients don’t scream “BIG APPLE” at me.

mcdonalds new york burger

ehh, boring. won't try this one.

the third burger was the hawaiian burger (lettuce, egg patty, cheese, gravy, and BACON), the first of these burgers i had a chance to try.  at first i was surprised because i think pineapple rings when thinking of hawaiian burger but this one is actually meant to evoke the feelings you have while eating a loco moco.  (actually the no pineapple thing works for me cuz i don’t like sweet and savory together)  i will have to say that while i didn’t think loco moco, i DID enjoy eating this burger.  the gravy was pretty flavorless but i’m all about eggs on burgers.  MMMmmm.

mcdonalds hawaiian burger

delicious. go and get one now.

the last burger was the california burger (lettuce, tomato, spicy jack, special california red wine sauce, and BACON) which disappointed me before i even tasted it.  california-anything means avocado.  NO AVOCADO = FAIL.  i could care less about california red wine sauce, i want effing avocado.  that said, the burger wasn’t terrible.  the hawaiian burger was WAY better but i didn’t dislike the california burger, i just HATED the concept of the burger.

mcdonalds california burger

i think i've already made my avocado point.

i try to avoid eating mcdonalds but i’ll occasionally grab something if it’s new and looks interesting.  you have to give it to mcdonalds in being innovative and drawing in new customers.  after being in japan and experiencing this type of variety, i don’t think i could go back to american mcdonalds innovations like “the mcrib is back!” again and again and again.

nasty mcrib

people really get excited for this?

P.S. did you notice that every american burger has bacon?  maybe they have american tastes pegged better than i thought…

bacon kitten


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  1. the new orleans burger in london has bacon and i couldn’t figure out what made it new orleans by adding bacon and then i talked to mom and she told me about this post and it all made sense! haha


    your favorite sister

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