i’m back

Posted on Mar. 31, 2010 by geoffropuff

so for those of you who didn’t know, mickie visited me in japan from march 20th-30th, which is why i haven’t posted anything in the last couple weeks.  most of her trips involve us going out to do various things all day everyday, but this trip was a little different.  we had a couple of big things planned, and we played the rest by ear.  anyways, in the coming days i’ll post some of the stuff we did.

so that this post isn’t totally devoid of pictures and entertainment, i want to talk about my hair.  before mickie came, it was getting out of control, like SERIOUSLY out of control.

my crazy hair march 2010

sexy, right?

crazy hair march 2010 2


crazy hair march 2010 3


in an effort to look my best, i cut it off (instead of the alternative: growing it long enough to get a perm and look like an asian greg brady).

regular hair march 2010

so sexy, my eyese hurt.

anyways, more posts are forthcoming.  you will all learn of the wonder known as the duck parade.

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