sukiyaki with the nakanos

Posted on Feb. 9, 2010 by geoffropuff

mrs. nakano and her husband are always too nice to me.  this past weekend, they took me to eat sukiyaki.

mrs. nakano sukiyaki bib

sukiyaki bibs are all the rage in japan.

i won’t recap my whole dinner and whatnot but i found out something very interesting when i went to sukiyaki the other day.  instead of greasing the pan with oil, you’re supposed to grease the pan with a chunk of beef fat.

sukiyaki meat

that white chunk in the middle is the pan-greaser fat. yumm!

sukiyaki pan fat

after greasing the pan, you leave it in to add flavor. clogged arteries sound delicious, right?


the beef fat is worth it for this.

when you eat sukiyaki, you’re supposed to dip the beef and veggies into raw egg and eat with rice.  a lot of you are opposed to raw egg, but once you get used to the texture of it, it’s really good.  then again, i love eggs.  (as a kid, my cholesterol was high cuz i ate approximately 4 eggs a day.)

sukiyaki egg dip

chicken placenta. GREAT!

and finally, when we got ice cream, referred to as “soft cream” here (don’t know why), it came in a weird contraption.  apparently, wrapping the cone in a napkin is too much trouble so they created a “soft cream stand.”  don’t ask me…

soft cream stand


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2 Responses to “sukiyaki with the nakanos”

  1. I used to get sukiyaki at this Japanese restaurant back in the bay when i was kid and they served with with a raw egg too. I guess all the salmonella screwed with my brian huh?

    Also the next time you’re in SD, I’ll treat you to some “soft cream”. hahahahahah



  2. I just had sukiyaki for the first time last month…and it was incredible!!! …who would have thought raw egg would add such a delightful taste to the food…especially the meats! yummmmy



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