snow day and gyoza party

Posted on Feb. 3, 2010 by geoffropuff

it’s been super cold here in kashiwa, hovering right around 30-34 degrees fahrenheit during the day and 25-30 at night.  with those kinds of temperatures, we were bound to have a snow day, which we had yesterday.  now i hate snow (and rain, and fog, and humidity, and any other kind of airborne water) but it really does make for some nice pictures.  i’m no professional photographer, using a hand-me-down canon powershot (thanks mickie) that was 4 years old when i got it a year ago, but i think a couple of these look pretty cool.

snow flower

snow field


with only 3 inches of snow, this is the biggest snowman you're gonna get!

(yes, kylie, i understand that syracuse measures snow in feet and not inches but i’m still really cold.)

because of the snow, EVERYONE decided to take the bus.  i couldn’t get a good picture because i didn’t want people to think i’m some perv taking upskirt photos.  terrible way to start the morning…

packed bus

it was kind of like those scenes you see on tv where the dudes with the white gloves shove people into the train.

black and white stuffed train

goin' old school with this one.

however, according to my friend, nick odani (shoutout!), EVERY day gets better if wilson phillips – hold on comes on your itunes random playlist.

wilson phillips

weren't the 90's awesome?

my day did get better because i got to participate in the chinese class’s boiled gyoza party.  i’ve made gyoza before but this was the first time i had participated in the whole process: from the chopping and mixing of the insides, the rolling of the gyoza skins, and the stuffing and boiling of the finished gyozas.

gyoza dough

kneading the gyoza dough

cute apron

cute apron...

gyoza filling

chopping up the insides is pretty difficult work. trust, i took pictures cuz my arm was hurting from chopping.

rolling gyoza skins

rolling the gyoza skins was my favorite part. no, those aren't my arms. (i'm SLIGHTLY less hairy.)

ugly gyoza

for those of you who are impressed at my cooking skills (most of you), be impressed at my gyoza making skills (none).

perfect gyoza

this is what it should really look like...

finished gyoza

the final product was CHOU oishii (crazy delicious).

it was a lot of fun, and we got some chinese tofu jelly and moon cakes for dessert!

tanaka sensei mooncakes

tanaka-sensei is very happy to receive the expensive mooncakes for dessert.

good luck to all the seniors and thanks for inviting ken and me.  we had a great time!

mina flour on face

mina ALWAYS talks to me about her favorite singer (ayaka) and has flour on her face.

gyoza peace

not gonna lie, i have no idea who this kid is.

gyoza cooking peace

don't know her name either, but she says hi to me everyday so i like her.

gyoza gang

the whole gyoza gang.

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