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Posted on Feb. 12, 2010 by geoffropuff

time for another post of random stuff i’ve found in japan.  i’ve got some good stuff:

while i was at the airport shopping for omiyage, i found some senbe.  GIANT senbe.

giant senbe

it may not look it, but this senbe was bigger than my head. and you all know that's a huge feat. (pun intended)

also while shopping, i found the food equivalent to boob scarves.  boob pudding!

boob pudding

probably milk flavored? *rimshot*

at a t-shirt store, i found the confused chinese brother of winnie-the-pooh.

haneyholic panda

this panda went to college and still can't spell his addiction?

i caught the last train after a night of partying and walked through a basically empty train station.  this is less amusing and more kinda eerie.

empty train station

it was more creepy cuz i was DRUUUUUUUNK...

i was shopping at don quixote, japan’s premiere store for everything you would never need, and i found some “chapstick” with uses other than on your lips, err, mouth.

liberal "chapstick"

clitoral orgasmic lips? super powerful speed? something seems off.

liberal "this is not lipcream"

chapstick vibrator. this is not lipcream.

finally, i saw a poster of some sumo wrestlers going at it and found this gem.  for those of you who don’t know, i used to be way into pro wrestling.  i LOVE The Rock.  i even gave a speech as him in high school.  anyways, ROCK BOTTOM!

sumo rock bottom


rock bottom


people's elbow pad


people's elbow


people's eyebrow

yeah, i know this stuff was kind of stupid. but come on, it's the people's eyebrow!

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