more effective tagging

Posted on Feb. 17, 2010 by geoffropuff

no, i’m not talking about vandalizing buildings more efficiently.


how many cans of spray paint do you think this took? surprisingly, i only used 3. =)

i’m actually talking about the tags i put on posts.  i normally tag key words from my posts: boob scarves, squatter toilet, beastiality, etc.  unfortunately, my twisted sense of humor leads to this blog getting some “unsavory” visitors who happen to be googling things like “toilet man urinate,” “beastiality photo,” and “sexy hot boob.”  to you perverts, FAIL.


fail beaver says, "fail."

on the other hand, “gremlin in toilet,” “skeletons kissing,” “funny costume ideas for black people,” and the also perverted but hilarious “sexy breasts moive watch long yes!” FTW!

hooray cat

hooray cat says, well, you know.

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