japanese valentine’s day is awesome

Posted on Feb. 23, 2010 by geoffropuff

because boys have to do absolutely NOTHING for girls.  we just sit back and let the chocolate (and other various snacks) roll in.

relaxing dog

this guy would get a lot of chocolate if it wouldn't kill him. (and is it me or is this little doggy sporting wood?)

days before v-day, girls prepare “nama chocolate” (raw chocolate) for melting into various shapes and mixing with other ingredients.  one student gave me a chocolate marshmallow poo log.

chocolate marshmallow poo

despite it's fecal appearance, it was probably my favorite chocolate gift.

as awesome as japanese v-day is, it’s the march 14th holiday, known as “white day” (not the fake american holiday, “steak and bj day“).  because girls give boys presents on v-day, boys need to respond to the girl(s)’ feelings on march 14th by giving gifts.  last year wasn’t bad because i only received about 5 bags of chocolate.  unfortunately, i got a LOT of chocolate this year.

vday chocolate 2010

it's so difficult being the popular teacher...(don't gag)

i’m on that nutrisystem diet so all these snacks didn’t help.  especially because i ate them all in 1-2 days.  anyways, the problem is that i now have to give 15 white day presents.  since i’m so loved, i should gift them with my presence.  somehow, i don’t think that will go over so well with them…

angry mob

"angry mob" in google images gave me this. i like the girl with the teenage millionaires hat and the dude straight from "where the wild things are" 3 people to the right. i love google images.

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7 Responses to “japanese valentine’s day is awesome”

  1. umm.. but who got you the best valentines day present?



  2. it’s not the best v-day present until i have it in my hands. as of now, my gf forgot to give me a present.



  3. i don’t think you can win this one geoff. and lol @ the fecal marshmallow chocolate thing.


    last of the lil sibs

  4. it was seriously the most delicious of the gifts tho. it just didn’t look so good.



  5. i might just conveniently really forget that tshirt…. i think my brother was eye-ing it when I got it…



  6. man, that chocolate makes me wanna barf. hahaha. you really do like poo.



  7. you know i do. do you really have to ask?



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