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Posted on Feb. 25, 2010 by geoffropuff

everyone in america seems to be up in arms about NBC’s coverage of the olympic games.  nothing ruins good competition like a big helping of tape delay, especially since canada and the US are in the same time zone.  if i were in the states right now, i’d probably be upset too.

nbc fail

on this side of the ocean, however, the olympic coverage is quite different.  if i knew nothing of the olympics and only knew what i saw on primetime tv, i would think that japan was airing a glorified version of “shaq vs.” where japanese athletes compete against the rest of the world.

shaq vs

i think executive producer steve nash wishes he could choke slam shaq for stealing his show idea.

japanese tv shows some of the events live during the day but considering primetime is when people actually get to watch, i was pretty disappointed that they only show japanese athletes.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to see every single athlete in every single sport.  in fact, please DON’T show me the guy from belarus who is currently 26th place in cross country skiing.

belarus cross country

he's trying hard but i don't care.

but i DO want to see at least the contenders.  and by contenders, i mean maybe the top 8, or so.  i was watching speed skating last week.  they showed every japanese race and the medal race at the top.  THAT’S IT!

japanese speed skater

nope, you didn't win but you did get more airtime than the bronze medalist!

as a foreigner in japan, i didn’t get to see any americans unless they were racing against a japanese skater.  if i remember correctly, at least NBC shows athletes from other countries.

mirai nagasu

i didn't get to see american mirai nagasu skate. (no, i don't suddenly like figure skating but mirai is mickie's family friend.)

asada mao

but japan's asada mao was playing on 3 different tv channels.

while we’re on the subject of the olympics, i’d like to declare my new love for curling.  i know that everyone, myself included, bags on curling but it’s pretty fun to watch.  i don’t quite understand the scoring but the strategy makes it seem like a game i’d want to try at some point in time.  the fact that the japanese curling team isn’t harsh on the eyes didn’t discourage me from watching either.

2010 japanese curling team

this picture doesn't do them justice. then again, the german team looked like old, bearded dudes, so i dunno...

i’d like to leave with one last thought about olympic medals.  bill simmons’ podcast (starting at 57:20) mentioned that different size medals should be awarded based on the skill/danger associated with the event.  he and his friend think that the lugers (where a Georgian dude died this year) should get the “Flavor-Flav clock” medal and the 5-months pregnant lady who won a curling medal should have gotten the “silver dollar” medal.

flavor flav

Nodar Kumaritashvili, this one's for you, homie.

i’m all for that idea (and also pretty much every other idea bill simmons has to fix sports).

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