DIE YUKO-RIN (well, just get off my tv)

Posted on Feb. 14, 2010 by geoffropuff

WARNING: lots of youtube videos proving my point.

so there’s this idol in japan named ogura yuko, or yuko-rin.  everyone in japan thinks she is the cutest thing ever and loves her.  i’m probably the only one who thinks she should harakiri.

yuko-rin black dress

i’ll admit, she’s not ugly

yuko ogura red dress

she can even be kinda cute

judging from those pictures, you might be thinking, “why all the disdain for yuko-rin?  she’s pretty cute.”  she’s not hard on the eyes by any means but it’s what she stands for that makes me angry to the core of my being.  yuko-rin’s persona is manufactured to cause her fans to experience a feeling of moe, which is a japanese slang term that many otaku’s use.  i don’t feel moe, i feel like throwing up.

moe pic

a moe pic taken from the Animanachronism blog

the problem with japanese cuteness and, by extension idols, is that there’s a very cookie cutter vision of cuteness, which includes look and voice.  yuko-rin very much falls into this mold:

adolescent cuteness

yuko ogura adolescent cuteness

ditzy/bubbly personality

and annoying voice.  usually their voices are annoying because they are ridiculously high pitched (the girl on the tv 17 seconds into the video)

but hers is more of a calculated “i can’t speak properly so i’ll just try to sound cute” voice.

yuko-rin and other idols want you to think they’re all cute and innocent by putting on a facade

but really, they’re just trying to sell two things: sex in an “innocent” package

yuko ogura whore


and themselves as singers/dancers/voice actresses/entertainers.

BY THE WAY, this is what yuko-rin’s REAL voice sounds like:

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2 Responses to “DIE YUKO-RIN (well, just get off my tv)”

  1. Ironically, this could just as easily be interpreted as a Ogura Yuko fan post.



  2. i anticipated that some people would think that. my job is to submit the evidence and let you make a decision. but really, i do hate her…



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