crazy day

Posted on Feb. 8, 2010 by geoffropuff

every morning before our school day starts, we have a full staff meeting to discuss various issues with students and the school.  this morning was a pretty crazy meeting.  i couldn’t understand anything but ken translated for me.

apparently, there was a break-in at the school over the weekend.  the school suspects a professional-type thief.  the thief broke into the security guard’s car to cause a diversion, then went and stole the school’s master key.  now we have to re-key EVERY lock in the school.  pretty annoying.

professional thief

as professional as thieving gets.

one of the teachers was informed by the parents of one of his students that the student had written a suicide note.  usually, these kinds of things stem from bullying but i thought ichikashi was a pretty good school when it came to these types of matters.  i hope the student realizes that there’s plenty of reasons why suicide is a bad choice.

lastly, one of our english club girls is in the hospital.  her classmates told us that she’s been absent because she was having problems with her ears.  i guess the problem has only worsened and she’s deaf or super hard of hearing.  it’s not known whether this is a permanent condition but i really hope not.  she’s a wonderful student and great person.  it would be a blow to her learning english if she couldn’t hear our voices.  good luck, hisako!

hisako bunka-sai

hisako is on the right. hopefully she's okay.

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