yousenkai 2010

Posted on Jan. 29, 2010 by geoffropuff

in japan, before our seniors graduate, ichikashi has a party and stage show for them.  the closest equivalent to an american high school event is baccalaureate.  it’s basically an event where the seniors get to let loose, watch some fun performances, and see the teachers at their silliest.


cross dressing ponyo

there's ALWAYS cross-dressing

my favorite class, 3-I is graduating.  this is the class that immediately took to me when i first arrived in japan.  most of the other classes ignored me at the beginning, asking all their questions to karl because he was more familiar.  this class immediately welcomed me and we’ve been close ever since.

3-I yousenkai 1

3-I yousenkai 2

3-I yousenkai 3

3-I yousenkai 4

3-I yousenkai 5

3-I yousenkai 6

they’re a silly group who likes to have fun, but they’re also very good at english.  i can joke around with them, and even use sarcasm with some of them.  (that’s saying a lot because people don’t understand sarcasm in japan.  if you point to a fat girl and tell your buddy, “man, she’s your kind of girl!” a japanese person will ask your buddy, “oh, so you like big women?”  it’s pretty funny, actually.)

buyonce = buta (pig) + beyonce (this fat girl became famous for being fat and dancing to beyonce's music.)  grant, she's just your type… “]buyonce

the MCs cosplayed for no damn reason.

MC cosplayers

maid's outfit for all occasions!

the students played a game where they had to guess which teacher was behind the curtain.

behind the curtain

believe it or not, that's a dude...SIKE!

brass band performed.

yousenkai brass band

their signature song is tequila, and i don't think any of them have a clue what that means.

and the teachers did talent show type skit.

yousenkai teachers

there were tuxedos, turbans, ribbon-y boas, schoolgirl outfits, and more!

of course, there were the obligatory slide shows and farewell messages that made everyone cry.  graduation is such a solemn occasion, so this is really the time for the students to have fun.  after the event was over, ken and i got to say goodbye and high-five the seniors as they exited the building.  we only got a picture with one of our students but she was one of the better ones.  anastasia was not part of international class but i helped her study english so she could enter the international program at her dream college, dokyo, which she will be attending in april.

anastasia yousenkai

she's from ukraine but speaks ukrainian, russian, japanese, english, and chinese. congrats, stacy!

overall, it was a great way to skip out on having to teach classes for a day.  the ramen that ken and i ate for lunch afterwards both gave us the mudbutt, but it was a great day besides that!

mud butt

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  1. I wish I was as cool as that Stacy.

    Oh, and there’s never a bad time for maid outfits. Seriously.



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