pantyhose tug-of-war

Posted on Jan. 12, 2010 by geoffropuff

japanese game shows are ridiculous.  i’m a pretty ridiculous person so i decided to channel some of the fun to my family’s christmas eve party.  the game is called pantyhose tug-of-war and is exactly like it sounds.  two people put pantyhose on their heads and walk in opposite directions.  okay, not exactly how it sounds….IT’S BETTER!  the person whose head it snaps off of first loses.

here’s a grudge match between me and tad.  he was trying to employ some psychological techniques but they didn’t faze me!

some pics of the event:

pantyhose kylie

my lovely sister

tad shawna pantyhose

tad and shawna getting their PToW on

kristen me pantyhose

kristen not so much walking as just standing while i do all the work.

pantyhose gang signs

throwin' up gang signs for the PToW

i love PToW

i love PToW!

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  1. i don’t like that i made this post looking like that.. ps i think i look a lot like eric like that for some reason haha


    your favorite sister

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