goodbye seniors

Posted on Jan. 21, 2010 by geoffropuff

schools in japan are on a much different schedule than schools in america.  the academic year coincides with the fiscal year, ending in march and starting again in april.  i guess it makes sense since this is the time that people get fired from jobs and have to move, meaning it’s easier for the kids to change schools but it still seems strange to me that they finish a school year, then start a new school year 2 weeks later.


a pic of trump would be too easy.

anyways, for seniors at high schools across the country, they no longer have to attend school from the end of january.  they are supposed to take february and march to relax or last minute cram/interview to get into college.  it’s kinda like if american seniors stopped going to school after AP tests in may.  (technically, my brain checked out after AP tests anyways but i still had to go…)


we all get senioritis but japanese students actually get to skip school.

now to the point of this post, my seniors are graduating.  3-I (3rd year international class) has been my favorite class since i arrived in japan so this could be a very life-altering change for me.  they are a good-natured group that is good at english and fun to be around.  a few of the girls in this class were also part of our english club.

ai and ami

ai and ami can both have full on conversations in english. good luck in college!

last week, we had an english club goodbye party for these girls.  not much to say besides the fact that they will be missed.  they were some of the best students i’ve encountered during my short time as a teacher.

1-A girls

first year girls who aren't at a high level yet. YET...

me, kondo, and tachi

me, kondo, and tachi, plus some of the 1st years.

some of you might be wondering, “WTF is up with your hair?”  that’s a valid question.  i just didn’t have time to get a haircut while i was in the states, and now it’s too cold to cut my hair.  my ears would freeze off so i’m gonna hold off until the end of winter to cut the fro.  (unless i do what i want to and greg brady perm that baby)  as for the styling of it, it looks better down than up and all crazy.


exhibit A: the fro

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  1. dude your hair is going back to the college farmer hat days



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