fonda de la madrugada and senbe chicken

Posted on Jan. 25, 2010 by geoffropuff

as you all know, i love me the mexican food (or mekishiko ryouri in japanese).  well, i finally got a chance to hit up fonda de la madrugada, one of the few authentic  mexican places you’ll find in japan.

bull head

yes, this bull head was actually on the wall.

you’re probably thinking, “geoff finally got a huge burrito!”  you would be terribly wrong, as burritos were originated in el paso, texas (albeit, by a mexican dude) and, thus, not served at an “authentic” mexican restaurant.

california burrito

do french fries in this cali burrito look authentic to you?

at this restaurant, i coulda gotten tacos or enchiladas but i was going big or going home.  i got one of their most expensive fish dishes, a whole deep-fried unknown white fish in a garlic and chili sauce.  man, soooo good.

fish dish

it looked like this BEFORE i ate it, not after...

we also got margaritas and chips with guac.

strawberry margarita

guys are allowed to order margaritas with bright-colored straws. just no umbrellas.

chips and guac

much better than my smashed avocado with lawry's seasoning.

i could mention that yumix and i met up with leina and her bf, eric, after dinner but this is a post about food so we’ll continue.

me yumix leina eric

not often that i'm the tallest person in a group.

i had the bright idea of grinding up senbe and using it as panko for a katsu type of dish.

full senbe


the senbe i chose was a little too hard so i had to use a hammer to crush it, denting my floor in the process.  and even then, i didn’t grind it into small enough pieces.

senbe hammer

i got all "home improvement" on that senbe's ass!

the finished product was good for the first half of the first fillet, okay for the second half of the first fillet, meh for the first half of the second fillet, and downright nasty for the last few bites.

frying senbe chicken

i didn't "deep" fry it to save on some calories. gotta watch my rotund-ish figure.

why did i continue to eat, you may ask.  the answer is simple.  i’m a glutton.  don’t be surprised to see me on “the BIGGEST loser” in a couple years.  (i’m actually trying to lose weight right now because i feel like a sumo wrestler in japan but as you can tell by this post, that’s not going so well.)

sumo and kid

this is how my students look at me when i strip naked and wear a diaper.

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