shoutout: annie m ishihara

Posted on Dec. 9, 2009 by geoffropuff

recently, friends of mine have asked me for shoutouts.  normally, i wouldn’t do such a thing, but these are my readers.  the few readers i do have, i should please them, right?  this is a “life in the motherland” first: shoutout to annie m ishihara.

annie ishihara on the beach

annie and i have been friends since freshman year of high school.  at first, she was the girl i asked for help from in japanese class but we have been friends ever since.  the two defining things about annie are her contagious laugh and bright-eyed smile.  i tried to find some unflattering pictures of her for this shoutout but, damn, girl is photogenic.

she even makes bestiality look cute

she even makes bestiality look cute

here’s an exclusive interview:

G: who does geoff look like and why?

A: you look like a jack-o-lantern…and i can picture it…but with a more inviting facial expression.  like not triangle eyes but more casper-like eyes.

G: thanks?

G: on a scale of 0-awesome, where does geoff fall?

A: i’ll say awesome but it’s because of grant.  not from personal experience.

G: i’ll take what i can get.

G: complete this sentence: geoff is the most ___________ and makes me wanna __________.

A: why are these questions all about you?

G: cuz i’m narcissistic.

A: i’ll accept that answer.

G: lastly, do you have anything else you wanna say about geoff?

A: on 4th of july when you were trying to pull grant’s pants off, you were a little rough with him.  ask jen for the picture.  and, actually, you have nice hair

G: will do, and thanks.

this is the 4th of july picture in question.  if you look closely, grants face is so peaceful...

this is the 4th of july picture in question. if you look closely, grants face is so peaceful...

and that just about concludes the first shoutout/interview.  thanks to annie for being a good sport.

a real post about life in the motherland will soon follow.

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2 Responses to “shoutout: annie m ishihara”

  1. You’re right about that. I wasn’t into bestiality until Annie came along.



  2. for serious, bro. beastiality is the new gay. you heard it here first!



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