christmas time in japan

Posted on Dec. 21, 2009 by geoffropuff

christmas in japan is a much different beast than in america.  people don’t celebrate christmas as a national holiday.  instead, it’s more like halloween, a good excuse to have parties and wear costumes.  (santa)

jack skellington santa

obligatory nightmare before christmas reference.

but that doesn’t stop stores from pushing blind consumerism.  (actually, maybe japanese christmas isn’t THAT much different than american christmas)

consumerism santa

consumerism santa!

yesterday, falling into the trap i just finished exposing, i went shopping at nagareyama ootakanomori shopping center.  (try saying that 3x fast)  i bought some japanese snacks for people back home.  also, besides all the christmas sales there was a really nice outdoor decoration display.

snowmen under a trellis. i think...

heart xmas candles

<3 X'mas spelled out in candles.

kid-designed candle holders

each candle holder was decorated by a different child. pretty cute, actually.

christmas courtyard

an overall view of the whole courtyard. pretty elaborate, and very festive.

at mos burger, i wanted to buy a phone charm strap for mickie but it required buying a 6-piece bucket of fried chicken for 1 charm, or 12-piece for 2 charms.  (i’d have to get a 12-piece so we can be matchy-matchy.  *gag*)  gallons of saturated fat and years off my life weren’t worth it.  sorry mickie.  🙁

merry X'mos

mos burger pun: "merry X'mos!" HAR HAR HAR...

there’s a chance this is my last post until january, as i’ll be flying back to the states for about 10 days.  hope to see you guys soon!

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