christmas tacos

Posted on Dec. 15, 2009 by geoffropuff

a few friends and i had a christmas party at my apartment this past weekend.  there’s not a lot of christmas tradition in japan, aside from santa suits and people confessing their romantic feelings for others on christmas eve. (no idea why that is…)  but young people in japan usually live at home so they were really excited to come and hang out at my place, a 2-bedroom apartment all to myself.  we did it potluck-sleepover-style so there was an eclectic mix of food, headlined by my-wait for it- christmas tacos.  no, tacos don’t have any deeper meaning to me, but i felt like a lot of these people don’t really get to have mexican food, so who am i to deprive them of the joy of my second favorite type of food?

christmas mexican food.  yumm...

christmas mexican food. yumm...

i also made my mom’s chili dip, emiko baked cookies, maki cooked yaki-udon, miki made hambaagu (hamburger steak) and brought a bottle of wine, ken brought drinks, lori brought a creme brulee pie, and ayano brought cold stone’s ice cream.  ayano is the manager of a local cold stone’s and she once asked me what my favorite creation was.  well, she remembered it and brought “cheesecake ice cream with brownies and strawberries” to the party.  heaven.

in a santa outfit and rolling around under my dining room table

mariya in a santa outfit and rolling around under my dining room table

miki’s daughter is 3 years old and cute as a button.  for the beginning part of the night, we all watched little mermaid because that’s what she wanted to watch.  she was quiet until she got comfortable with the apartment.  by the end of the night, she was rolling all over the floor and squealing like a pig in a mudbath.  when it was time to leave, she almost started crying.  that’s right, ladies never wanna leave geoffro’s pad.

she's so lucky i didn't jack her

she's so lucky i didn't jack her

we had a white elephant gift game, but this being japan, everyone was too polite to steal gifts from others.  sad that i went first.  if i had a chance, i woulda jacked little mariya like nobody’s business.

in the end, it was a ton of fun, even if ken did get “food poisoning”.  (i don’t think it was food poisoning because nobody else got sick.  maybe his stomach just couldn’t handle mexican food, sri racha, whiskey and coke, etc.)  yay for throwing up in a club!

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